© by Lawrence E. Turner, Jr., 2002

Once upon a time there was a family deciding upon a family outing. They all needed to agree on one place the entire family could go together. The son wanted to go to the zoo. The daughter wanted to go shopping. They argued and debated at great length about what they all should do.

"It is not fair," the son shouted, "that I have to go shopping. It is so boring!"

"Who wants to see a bunch of dirty, smelly animals," the daughter pouted. "Besides, we have been there many times."

"Perhaps there is something else that we all could agree upon -- something that we would all enjoy." was the calm comment from Mother.

"It's not logical to go shopping, you just spend money you don't have." the son argued.

"That's stupid," stated the daughter. "Shopping is different from buying! It's fun just to look!"

The Father smiled, but said nothing.

"And the zoo is so uncool," screamed the daughter. "If any of my friends saw me there, I would just die!"

"Shopping is so dumb," was the son's reply, "and anyone who wants to go shopping is just as dumb."

"Perhaps, you each could spend half the day shopping and half the day at the zoo," suggested Mother.

"Please Mother! I am not going anywhere that I might be seen with him!" the daughter gave her brother a very dirty look.

I would rather stay home than go with her!" was the son's retort. He barely refrained from sticking his tongue out his sister.

The argument grew louder and almost resulted in blows and everyone being sent to their rooms and grounded for the entire vacation; however, before it escalated to that point, the Father quietly said, "I suppose if that is how you wish to spend your family outing time we should honor your requests. Last week though, I bought tickets to Disney World."