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2005 Jordan Photos   

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The Nymphaeum in Amman.
The Nymphaeum in Amman.
Columns in front of the Roman Theater in Amman.
The Roman Theater in Amman.
The Roman Theater in Amman.
The Roman Theater in Amman, seated 5000.
The Citadel of Amman from the Roman Theater.
Justin at the Hippodrome, Jerash.
The Forum, Jerash.
The Temple of Zeus, Jerash.
Cathy and Laurice in the South Theater, Jerash.
Musical entertainment in the South Theater.
South Theater.
South Theater.
Cathy from the Temple of Artemis.
Keene Star shot, Temple of Artemis at Jerash.
A lovely nymph at the Nymphaeum of Jerash.
Sea of Galilee from Umm Qays (Gadara).
Laurice and Cathy at the Jordan River—near where Jesus was baptized.
Larry at the Jordan River.
Roy, Sarah and Julie preparing for the girls' baptism in the Jordan River.
Roy and Julie's baptism in the Jordan River.
Roy and Sarah's baptism in the Jordan River.
Connie, Roy, Julie and Sarah.
Cathy dipping a hand in the Jordan River.
Israeli soldiars watching the baptism—Jordanian counterparts on our side.
Part of the group at the Dead Sea.
Laurice and Cathy soaking their toes.
The Treasury, Petra.
Cathy loves those camels.
Laurice and Cathy on the cardo, the Roman road in Petra.
Reminants of the arch at the entrance to the Siq, Petra.
Carving in the wall of the Siq, Petra.
A wide place in the Siq—with some Roman paved road.
The Treasury from the Siq.
The Treasury, Petra.
Looking back at the Siq from the Treasury.
The Treasury, early morning.
Roman Theater from the path to the High Place, Petra.
Path to the High Place, Petra.
Obelisk, almost to the High Place.
Alter, the High Place.
The High Place.
Mother of Cisterns, Edomite city on top of mount, from the High Place.
Lion Fountain—water would gush from the lion's head (now missing).
The Garden Temple.
Tombs opposite the Theater.
Laurice and Cathy on the way to the Siq.
Larry and Justin at the Treasury.
Cathy wanted to ride a camel.
A camel has an interesting way of getting to its feet.
Once up it is relatively stable.
Laurice wanted to lend her support.
Cathy and camel in front of the Treasury.
Larry at the Roman Theater.
Cathy on stage of the Roman Theater.
The Roman Theater seated around 3000, but bring your own seat cushion.
The erosion and patterns in the sandstone make it appear that the carvings have melted.
A last look at the Treasury.
One way to save energy.
The church with the mosaic map in Madaba.
The church with the mosaic map in Madaba.
Interior of the church.
The mosaic map of the Holy Lands.

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