Tall Jalul

2004 Jordan Photos   

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Site of Sela, Edomite city.
Sela inscription.
Stonework at Sela.
Modern village on road to Sela.
Ruins of Church by Lot's Cave.
Lot's Cave.
Dead Sea from Lot's Cave.
City wall at Bab adh-Dhra, possible site of Sodom.
Jabbok River, border of the Land of Gilead.
Hadrian's Arch, south of Jerash.
Exterior of south end of Hippodrome at Jerash.
Interior of south end of Hippodrome.
Seats along the east side.
The group at the Hippodrome.
Jerash Forum.
Temple of Zeus.
South Theater at Jerash.
South Theater.
South Theater.
Remains of Byzantine Church at Jerash.
Byzantine mosaics.
North Theater at Jerash.
Temple of Artemis from top of North Theater.
Road in front of North Theater.
Intersection of roads.
Ruts from the Roman carts on the Cardo.
Stairs to the Temple of Artemis.
Temple of Artemis.
Nymphaeum of Jerash.
Umm Qays (Gadara)
Basalt Theater at Umm Qays.
Basalt Theater.
Sea of Galilee from Umm Qays.
Yarmuk River Valley east of Golan Heights.
Bridge destroyed by Lawrence of Arabia over Yarmuk River.
Yarmuk River toward Jordan River.
Excavation at Pella.
Excavation at Pella.
Remains of Byzantine Church at Pella.
Church on Mt. Nebo.
Mosaic in Mt. Nebo Church.
Tall Hesbon.
Tall Hesbon.
Reconstructed wall, Citadel of Amman
Bottom is Iron Age wall.
The Roman Theater in Amman from the Citadel.
Temple of Hercules.
Copper Dead Sea Scroll in the museum.
Islamic Palace.
Islamic cistern on the Citadel.
Jordan River.
Art and Reem at the Jordan River overlook.
Baptism site—Bethany Across the Jordan.
Jordan and Israel across the Jordan.
Art and Mark down by the river side.
Larry dipping a hand into the river.
Mt. Nebo from Jordan Valley.
Reem, Randy, and Art by the Dead Sea.
Path to the Siq, Petra
The Siq.
The Siq.
Roman road in the Siq.
The Treasury from the Siq.
The Treasury, Petra, mid-afternoon.
Interior of the Treasury.
Transportation for the tourists.
Roman Theater, Petra.
Carved tombs.
Petra High Place.
More tombs—from High Place.
Tombs below the High Place.
Pharoah's Daughter's structure.
Pharoah's Daughter's structure.
Roman Temple, Petra.
The Treasury in the early morning.
Gorges along path to the Monastery.
The Monastery, Petra.
Interior of the Monastery.
The Treasury, mid-morning.

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