Tall Jalul

2004 Jalul Photos   

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The Jalul 2004 group.
We stayed at the Crown Hotel on Radio TV Road in southern Amman
about 30 minutes by car from Tall Jalul.
photo by L. Turner
The group had this entire building to ourselves.
What the sheep found to eat on the Tall is hard to see.
Surveying benchmark and cemetery on the raised Acropolis.
Art, Larry, and Paul setting up the GPS.
Field A, city wall.
Taking GPS readings in Field A.
Field B.
Removing a balk in Field B.
Taking GPS readings in Field B.
Sifting the dirt to look for sherds.
Field C had this interesting cavern.
Taking one of the 9500+ points for the topographical survey.
The 2004 group one evening!
Aerial photograph of Tall Jalul taken later in the summer 2004.

Jalul 2004Other Photos

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