Tall Jalul


In 2004 Art Chadwick and Larry Turner, from Southwestern Adventist University, were invited to accompany an archaeological expedition directed by Randy Younker, Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Andrews University. The expedition was part of an on-going excavation project at Tall Jalul which is part of a larger Madaba Plains Project involving several archaeological sites in the area southwest of Amman, Jordan. image from R. Younker
The purpose of the abbreviated 2004 season (2 weeks) was to clean the five existing excavation fields at Tall Jalul after a several year hiatus, to prepare for a full-season excavation in 2005, and to explore the use of the GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Geographic Information System) techniques that have been developed starting in 2000 in the paleontological excavation and taphonomic research project in the Lance formation (upper cretaceous, eastern Wyoming) sponsored by the Earth History Research Center and Southwestern Adventist University. (http://dinosaurproject.swau.edu/)
expedition flags on Jalul In 2005 Larry Turner and Justin Woods were invited by Randy Younker to accompany the full six-weeks archeological excavation season at Jalul, 5 May to 17 June. Due to the scheduled Dinosaur Project starting on 2 June, they were able to spend only the first three weeks, from 5 May to 24 May, with the archeological group. Cathy Turner and Laurice Durrant arrived on 11 May. All four from Keene returned to Texas on 24 May.
The trips were not all work and no play. We were privledged to visit and experience such sites as:

 Amman Citadel, Biblical city of Rabbah, ruins and museum 2004 and 2005
Roman amphitheater2005
 Mt Nebo Friday evening vespers 2004 and 2005
ruins of Church2004
 Jerash second century AD Roman City 2004 and 2005
 Umm Qays Gadara 2004 and 2005
 Pella excavation site 2004
 Tall Deir Alla excavation site, inscription referencing Balaam 2004
 Bethany across the Jordan Jesus' baptism site 2004 and 2005
baptism of two young ladies in the Jordan River2005
 Dead Sea 2004 and 2005
 Sela city of Edomites 2004
 Lot's cave 2004
 Bab adh-Dhra perhaps the site of Sodom 2004
 Tall Hesbon   2004
 Petra Nabatean city in sandstone 2004 and 2005
 St. Georges, Madaba Mosaic map of the Holy Lands 2005
There was also opportunity for shopping (both 2004 and, especially, 2005!).

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