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2012 - 13

 August  15, Wednesday ESL Begins
  Freshman Orientation BEGINS
  19, Sunday Freshman Orientation ENDS
  20, Monday Registration
  21, Tuesday Instruction BEGINS
  Late Registration BEGINS
  27, Monday Last day to register or add a class
  28, Tuesday International Student Orientation
 September    5, Wednesday Last day to withdraw from a class without receiving a W
  Enrollment Census
 October  11, Thursday Mid-Semester
  12, Friday Fall Holiday
  19, Friday Incomplete from summer deadline
  21, Sunday Senior General Education Exit Exam
  24, Wednesday Senior General Education Exit Exam
  30, Tuesday Last day to withdraw from a class
 November    5, Monday Spring 2013 Registration BEGINS
  Advisement BEGINS
  16, Friday Advisement ENDS
  19, Monday Thanksgiving Break BEGINS
  26, Monday Instruction Resumes
 December    9, Sunday Examinations BEGIN (schedule)
  12, Wednesday Examinations END
  ESL Completion
  Christmas Vacation BEGINS (begins at 11:30am)
  13, Thursday Commencement
  18, Tuesday Autumn grades due, midnight
    6, Sunday Registration
    7, Monday ESL BEGINS
  Instruction BEGINS
  Late Registration BEGINS
  11, Friday Last day to register or add a class
  15, Tuesday International Student Orientation
  21, Monday School Holiday—Martin Luther King Birthday
  22, Tuesday Last day to withdraw from a class without receiving a W
  Enrollment Census
 February  15, Friday Incomplete from autumn deadline
  27, Wednesday Mid-Semester
 March    8, Friday Spring Break BEGINS
  18, Monday Instruction Resumes
  25, Monday Summer Registration BEGINS
  28, Thursday Last day to withdraw from a class
 April    1, Monday Fall 2013 Registration BEGINS
  Advisement BEGINS
  12, Friday Advisement ENDS
    7, Sunday Senior Major Exit Exam
  10, Wednesday Awards Convocation
  28, Sunday Examinations BEGIN (schedule)
 May    1, Wednesday Examinations END
  ESL Completion
    3, Friday Senior Consecration
    4, Saturday Baccalaureate
    5, Sunday Commencement
  Summer Semester BEGINS
    7, Tuesday Spring grades due, midnight
  30, Thursday Wyoming Dinosaur Project BEGINS
 June  10, Monday Summer Module 2 BEGINS
  28, Friday Wyoming Dinosaur Project ENDS
 July    4, Thursday School Holiday—Independence Day
    5, Friday Incomplete from spring deadline
 August  16, Friday Summer Semester ENDS
  20, Tuesday Summer grades due, midnight

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