Using Rocket Science to Study Rock Science

High Precision GPS Based Surveying Equipment

A single GPS receiver unit cannot quickly determine its absolute position to within cm precision due to unavoidable errors:
  • varying propagation delays in the ionosphere
  • inherent minimum resolution of the modulated signal
Standard high precision surveying equipment that have become available in the past decade have overcome the design limitations of the GPS system. They use a base station and rover and determine the phase of the carrier frequencies.
  • both base and rover lock onto the same set of satellites
  • base communicates to the rover
  • permits relative position determination of the rover
Note: in a fossil quarry we need reproducible relative position data—not needed is the exact distance to the center of the earth but rather where every fossil is located relative to all the other fossils. GPS based surveying equipment is ideal!

gps base station

gps rover  
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